Sytrama presents many technical solutions in K2016 show. These new solutions make robots more desirable to an increasingly demanding market that looks for more safety, consumption reduction and increasing production.

Safety first
The new Sytrama robots have SAFE drives that make the robot cell more safe.
The integrated SLS (Safely Limited Speed) function ensures that the drive does not exceed a defined speed limit letting the user work inside the fences in total security.


Remote assistance
Through an internet connection via cable, Wi-Fi or GSM, our operators can connect directly to the robots.
Software updates, special programs, programming support and diagnostics are now possible in an efficient and fast way.

Industry 4.0
Sytrama robots are ready to be connected to the Industry 4.0 making consumption and production data available to process control systems.

Go Full electric!
This is the IML solution presented in K2016:

– 811 side entry robot
– Electric label loader
– Electric part stacker
– Demoulding time: 0.7 seconds
– Production cycle 2.8 seconds811dsc_0280

6 Axes robot
Anthropomorphic robots can be integrated in Sytrama cells using the same inferface for carthesians and 6 axes robots. The operator can enjoy the SCP2 flexibility and potential applied to 6 axes robots.