Dear Partner / Customer,

following the D.P.C.M. of 21-03-2020 for the containment of the spread of Covid-19 and subsequent additions / directives, we are to inform you that the Roboline S.r.l. (SYTRAMA  Brand) company is included among the companies that can, to date, continue to operate as present in the list of authorized companies as per PCM 194 publication.

ATECO code: 33.20.02 – Installation of industrial machines and equipment

Roboline is implementing all the protocols envisaged to guarantee the integrity and health of its staff, in this regard:


Production, together with constant verification of the sub-supplier chain, will remain active, even if in a reduced form, therefore any lengthening of production times will be inevitable. Existing orders will be processed as scheduled, any changes will be promptly communicated, the same will be valid for new orders.

@: (for supplier only)


Activity and service will be guaranteed by our staff that will operate in Smart Working at down-scaled capacity remotely, therefore please contact them in the following ways:

Commercial Dept by email or mobile phone to your commercial reference:

Domenico Ghilardi @: T: +39 335 596 9131
Andrea Barbini @: T: +39 348 796 0040
Marco Gay @: T: +39 348 799 0135
Marco Zilioli @: T: +39 345 435 3454
Fabrizio Fitti @:   
Edoardo Morello @: T: +39 349 120 0730


Service Dept the company number remains active in the usual way,

or via email @:

Spare Parts Dept the company number remains active in the usual way,

or via email @: 

Administration Dept by email @:

Purchases Dept by mail @: